Commercial Projects

St Peter’s Healthcare System

Ronald Rak, CEO of St. Peter’s Healthcare System stated that, "This project will place Saint Peter’s at the forefront of all that solar energy has to offer. The benefits include long-term energy and financial savings, as well as the reduction of pollutants that do so much harm to the environment."    Read More

Spiral Binding, Co Inc

One of the largest roof mounted solar installations to date in Passaic County – 877 kW DC system, producing over a megawatt of electricity every year for decades. Modest structural enhancements were made to the steel joists at locations close to the parapet walls (in order to support potential snow loading) in order to maximize system size. Additionally, Custom racking was created to reduce the spacing between rows of panels in an effort to maximize system output. We are so proud to be able to produce our own electricity, via solar, and greatly reduce our operating expenses.    Read More

Jack Daniels Motors (six sites)

When Jack Daniels Motors decided that they wanted to be a Renewable Energy leader in the automotive industry, they turned to Sunfarm Solar to maximize their impact. With 5 locations suitable for solar, it was Sunfarm that provided the intricate design aimed at combining not only the highest yield of solar but the aesthetics these high end auto dealerships required. Sunfarm’s installation team worked with JD Motors to install substantial systems while minimizing the impact on the customer traffic that constantly flows on site. The end result was a solar investment that has outperformed expectations financially as well as serving as a billboard for JD’s vision.    Read More